Do you  worry

about your parents?


Are your parents Thriving? 

Or can you improve their wellbeing?


a seminar that helps your ageing parents stay safe and well at home



Are you aware that professional help is available to

· Prevent falling in the home

· Solve swallowing difficulties,

· Build strategies to combat forgetfulness and other changes in thinking,

· Improve speech, communication and hearing on the phone

· Care for feet

· Teach nutritious cooking (especially for men that find themselves suddenly alone)

· Plan safe, regular and informed medication use

· maintaining safety and independence in the home

· Progress social and community connection



Monday, 15 May 2017, 7.30 Pm

Christchurch South Library

Limited places only $10.00

First the basics SAFETY:

Falls prevention, Nutrition, Correct medication use, Forgetfulness,

Vision, use of an alarm, general safety at home


Then HAPPY independence:

Independence, social isolation


Leads to THRIVING:

Meaningful life, thriving,

“Grandma- fit” (activity tolerance)