Triggerpoint de-activatie cursus.

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    Introductie van de docent
    Ietje van Stolk woont en werkt in Nieuw Zeeland. Ze heeft zich daar gespecialiseerd in de behandeling van KANS en het weken met triggerpoints. Ze geeft door heel Nieuw Zeeland deze cursussen, die geaccrediteerd zijn door het Nieuw Zeelandse Physiotherapy College.

    Endorsement by Dr.Steve Bentley

    February 2006
    Re: Ietje van Stolk.

    Ietje van Stolk has been recognized by the NZ Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (NZAMSM) since 1995 for her expertise, knowledge and experience in the area of Myofascial Pain and Myofascial Trigger Points. Ietje has had a long association with Professor David Simons co-author of the definitive textbooks on Myofascial Pain, “Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction the Trigger Point Manual. Vol 1 & 2”. She has been invited by NZAMSM to present at 5 of our Annual Scientific Conferences since 1995 on the subject of Myofascial Trigger Points and to instruct at a workshop on the treatment of myofascial shoulder pain. These conferences and workshops have involved international speakers and 100-230 delegates including Musculoskeletal Physicians and other Medical Specialists, General Practitioners as well as Physiotherapists, Osteopathic Physicians and Chiropractors. Her contribution to our conferences and training workshops includes:

    1995 NZAMSM Annual Scientific Conference. “Occupational Overuse Syndrome” Presentation on Myofascial Pain/Trigger Points in the context of Occupational workplace musculoskeletal problems.

    1997 NZAMSM Conference. Presentation on Hyperventilation and Myofascial Pain.

    1999 NZAMSM Annual Scientific Conference “Headaches”. Presentation on Myofascial Pain/Trigger Points including the jaw as a cause of headaches.

    2003 NZAMSM Annual Scientific Conference “Muscle Pain”. Presentation on Myofascial Pain in relation to workplace gradual process injury.

    2004 NZAMSM Annual Scientific Conference “Shoulder Pain and Disorders – the Full Monty”  Presentation on Myofascial Pain/Trigger Points and Muscle Balance.

    2004 NZAMSM Annual Scientific Conference “Shoulder Pain and Disorders – the Full Monty”  Instructional workshop on the treatment of shoulder girdle myofascial pain/trigger points.

    Ietje’s valuable contribution has emphasized the diagnosis of myofascial trigger points and the treatment and deactivation of the trigger points in the management of musculoskeletal pain problems.

    Dr Steve Bentley MBChB, Dip Obst, DipMSM, Dip Sports Med (London), FAFMM
    Musculoskeletal Physician
    Immediate Past President NZAMSM and onference/Workshop Organiser
    Suite 19 Marinoto Clinic, 72 Newington Ave, Dunedin.

Endorsement by Prof.D Simons, Author of The triggerpont manual

Ietje van Stolk has been the New Zealand pioneer in the trigger point field for nearly 10 years. For much of that time we have been in repeated personal and email contact giving me the opportunity to encourage, suggest, and guide her progress—a keen learner. This included one research project that was very successfully presented to a large professional audience. She is outstandingly qualified to share her treasure chest of clinical experience and knowledge with others.

David G. Simons MD, World authority and author of over 100 papers and 4 books on the subject.